​​​​​​​Established in 1883, Pōneke Football Club is one of the oldest and traditional clubs within the Wellington Rugby Football Union.

The club has produced nineteen All Black representatives of which six were former All Black captains, including rugby legends Tom Ellison and Billy Wallace. Dane Coles is our most recent addition to the All Blacks.

Over the years Pōneke also produced numerous Wellington representatives and have won the club championships twenty times. Along with the successes on the field, the club has developed an enviable reputation of having a friendly, close-knit, and family-orientated culture off the field underpinned by our motto "you belong". This is attributed to the pride and passion that our successive generations of players, coaches and supporters have shown in the clubs proceedings and endeavours.

Over the last two decades, Pōneke Football Club have consistently been contenders for honours in all the grades participated in. More recently, the Premier team has consistently been present in the play-offs for the Jubilee Cup, the ultimate prize in Wellington club rugby. On several occasions, Poneke has come up short in closely contested finals, but have still managed to win the Jubilee Cup twice in 1996 and 2003.

Overall - Pōneke Football Club can claim first honours over the past 10 years with our consistent achievement at Premier level.

Throughout this period of time, win, lose or draw, the dedication of the club and its supporters has never diminished. This has served to enhance the team spirit and unity which has been built up within the club.

As a club, Pōneke are promoting long held values of pride and purpose, both on and off the field #youbelong